Zardozi: A Guide To Royal Fashion

Have you heard of Zardozi? While the word itself may be unfamiliar, the magnificent work it represents is not, especially for those who love elegant fashion.

Zarzodi is a type of embroidery. The word, which is Persian in origin, can be literally translated to gold sewing. Accessories in this style are created from elegant fabrics, like velvet, silk, and satin. These are then heavily embroidered with metallic threads and both precious and semi-precious stones. The work is done by hand, by skilled artisans. And, the end products are simply stunning.

Zardozi in History

Dating back to ancient India (the 17th century) Zardozi is an embroidery technique that was used to embellish the garments of the royals. The costly materials ( threads of solid gold and silver and beautiful gemstones) were appropriate for only the most wealthy and well-regarded. The skills of the craftsmen who created such works were highly appreciated.

As is usual in history, regimes come and go. When the royal patronage in India declined, so did the demand for the items designed by these skilled artisans. Because the work leveraged high-quality expensive materials (rare metals and stones), the artisans could not afford to continue to create without the support of the country’s leaders.

However, when India gained independence in the mid-1900s the government once again promoted this magnificent work. 

High-Quality Beauty is Always in Style

Today, we still appreciate the beauty of Zardozi. We understand the skill and time that goes into the embroidery process.  Items that feature it are more than simple accessories, they are works of art.

When one carries a Zardozi embroidered bag, a statement is made. These eye-catching pieces are perfect for the broadest range of events. They attract attention and interest. Those who carry these pieces show their appreciation for both their beauty as well as the intricate skills it takes to create them.

Boutique By Mariam Carries Zardozi Accessories

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Please, let us know if you have any questions regarding the work of our artisans. We look forward to sharing more with you and helping to make the world a little bit more beautiful.