Gemstone Meanings & Powers; What's The Best Gemstone For You?

Gemstones are beautiful. Today, they are used in so many different ways. Some people wear them and relish in their meaning and powers. Artists use them to create. And, they are an intricate part of the accessories and jewelry we provide.

At Boutique By Mariam we appreciate the meaning and powers that gemstones have.  As such, we take great care to include their beauty in our accessories 

A Glimpse Into Gemstones

The variety of gemstones used in creating our bags, boxes, and jewelry is considerable. Below we have shared some details on a few of those you can see in our products. 

  • Amethyst: Incredibly popular both in jewelry and in healing, an amethyst’s lovely purple color makes it immediately recognizable. This gem enhances intuition and protects you from negative energy.
  • Emerald: These vibrant green stones are eye-catching and lend an air of elegance when used in jewelry and accessories.  Additionally, emeralds are believed to have significant healing power - they are said to be an activator of “heart chakra”.
  • Garnet: Known as stones of pleasure and prosperity, garnets come in a variety of colors. While garnets in the red-orange family are most well-known, this gemstone can also be incredibly dark (black and brown). Have you ever seen a  tsavorite garnet? It is green!
  • Rose Quartz: Simply spectacular is rose quartz which is known as the classic stone of love.  The colors of the stone range from pale pink to a deeper, darker shade, and the stone can be opaque or transparent.
  • Ruby:  Incredibly popular because of their dazzling beauty, These fiery red stones always attract attention. Additionally, it is known to provide strength while signifying both love and passion.
  • Sapphire: Said to be good for self-discipline, inner vision, and communication, deep blue sapphires are also eye-catching and regal.
  • Turquoise: This magnificent blue stone is one of the most popular when it comes to crystal healing. One of its most valuable aspects is its ability to guide you towards self-acceptance.

Learn About Your Favorites

Clearly, the list of stones above is not all-encompassing. It does not even include the complete variety of gems used by our artisans in the creation of our bags, boxes, and jewelry. At Boutique by Mariam, we appreciate the allure of gems: their beauty, sophistication, and elegance. Our artisans used them as accents to the magnificent items they created.

Shop Boutique By Mariam to see a host of unique products featuring some of the most beautiful stones in the world. And, take some time to research these gems; learn more about their history as well as the benefits they can provide. The beauty of gemstones goes far beyond their appearance.