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BoutiquebyMariam zardozi artisan embroidering a floral tapestry.


We bring you three generations of quality, craftsmanship and fine design. Each item is expertly crafted and embroidered by hand by highly skilled and talented zardozi artisans, who learned the craft from their fathers and their fathers before them. Most have over 20 years of embroidery expertise. Each item is made with love, care, mindfulness and purpose. In each item you feel the connection, the positive energy, the good intentions that are lacking in a machine made piece. 

During the global pandemic, India closed its borders and traditional markets disappeared overnight. Experienced and talented embroiderers were forced to sell vegetables or work in factories to survive. I asked how I could help. The artisans replied "Send us work".  I created this website to showcase their talent to the world, to send them work. If the world cannot come to India, then we will go to the world. It gives me great joy to announce that all the embroiderers in the atelier have now returned and are working at their beloved embroidery.  And we continue to support over 100 families with donations of much needed food staples, including flour, rice, lentils, cooking oil, sugar, spices.

Our aim is the preservation of the zardozi embroidery art form that once flourished under the patronage of the royal families of Persia and India. The pandemic could have been a crossover point for the handicrafts in India, for if we lose one generation of artisans, we lose the entire art form. 

When you purchase an item from our artisans, you can be sure that you not only receive a stunning and unique work of art that makes you feel beautiful and confident, you are also changing the world by helping families in need. You receive the blessings and thanks of the artisans, for investing in their talent, for honoring their legacy, for providing their livelihood, and for ensuring the continuity of their craft. 

Thank you!  Namaste.