WELCOME to BoutiqueByMariam

At BoutiqueByMariam we create modern heirlooms - beautifully crafted works of art that you will love and cherish forever.

Each bejeweled handbag is an stunning masterpiece of artistry and craftsmanship. We pay extraordinary attention to each exquisite detail. Glowing silk. Glittery metallic threads. Genuine emeralds, star rubies, amethyst, citrine, garnets, tiger eye. Exclusive designs. Lavish details. The legacy of royalty.

Invest in a statement designer handbag with a classic and timeless appeal, embroidered by hand on sumptuous silk or lush velvet. 

Zardozi is a centuries-old, elaborate embroidery art form that uses metallic threads and genuine precious and semi-precious gemstones to create a dazzling, opulent three dimensional effect. Once reserved exclusively for royalty, we now bring this royal art form to you.  

Each item is made with love, care, mindfulness, purpose and good intentions by third generation artisans, who learned the craft from their fathers and their fathers before them. Feel the connection, the positive energy that you do not get from a machine made item. 

Our embroidery is unique in that it is raised, or three dimensional, achieved by embroidering over layers and layers of built up floss. A difficult, time intensive technique to learn and to apply, it yields magnificent results. The designs come to life. They reflect light in all directions and they glitter and glow in the most alluring way.  

We are also known for our expert use of color shading and for our traditional use of genuine precious and semi precious gemstones.Throughout history, gemstones have represented wealth and power, beauty and rarity. And gemstones have protective and healing properties. 

Historic designs have been updated, silhouettes have been resized for cell phones, and exuberant new colors have been introduced to bring a youthful, modern, captivating energy, while preserving the timeless grace and elegance of the traditional zardozi art form.

Our handbags are inspired by, and made for, the woman who wishes to live life fully and joyfully, for the woman who wants no less than an exceptional handbag.

Our handbags are for the confident woman who wishes to stand out, be noticed and admired. For the woman who wishes to leave a lasting impression. People will stop you and ask "Where did you get that bag?" Your handbag is certain to be a conversation starter at your next event, be it a wedding, a gala or dinner out with friends. 

Our aim is the preservation of the zardozi embroidery art form. 

When you purchase a handbag, jewelry box or tapestry from our skilled artisans, you do so much more; you invest in their talent, you honor their legacy, you provide their livelihood, you ensure the continuity of their craft. And you receive their blessings and thanks. 

We care about our artisans and we care about our planet. Do good for both, and shop sustainably by choosing an elegant and timeless wardrobe investment piece that you will cherish and treasure forever! Buy less but buy better. Buy a classic handbag that will coordinate with many outfits. 

We offer fast, free shipping on all orders, easy exchanges and returns, and top-rated customer service. 

We offer bespoke services. To customize a special piece for yourself or as a gift to a loved one, or to place an order for an out of stock item please contact us at info@boutiquebymariam.com

We wish to be there with you at all stages of life, at all your events, to provide celebratory handbags and clutches for all your needs. 

Thank you.  Namaste.