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BoutiqueByMariam collection of hand embroidered handbags.


                              Distinctively Different

Discover the world of luxury hand embroidery inlaid with gemstones. Where art meets fashion.  

We are a bespoke family-owned embroidery atelier, producing beautiful items of uncompromising quality for over three generations. 

For us, luxury is in the details. 

Our exquisite embroidered pieces are distinctively different.  From their artful designs, to their raised metallic embroidery, which reflects the light so beautifully, to each carefully thought out detail highlighted with lustrous metallic thread.  Elevate your style with vibrant colors, iridescent metallic finishes, sumptuous fabrics, and alluring embellishments of semi precious and precious gemstones. 

Feel the mindfulness, the positive energy, the good intentions of a hand produced item. 

In this age of fast fashion and easily disposable items, choose sustainability by purchasing a beautifully crafted item of classic design that will last forever and become a future heirloom to be passed to the next generation. 

Our handbags are for the woman who seeks handbags with individuality, that reflect her personality, and that she will wear forever. For the confident woman who wishes to stand out, be noticed and admired. For the woman who wishes to leave a lasting impression. For the woman who wishes to make a grand entrance. People will stop and ask you "Where did you get that bag?" Your handbag is certain to be a conversation starter at your next event, be it a wedding, a gala or dinner out with friends. 

At the heart of everything we do is the preservation of the zardozi embroidery art form that once flourished under the patronage of the royal families of Persia and India.

Zardozi is a centuries-old, elaborate embroidery art form that uses metallic threads and genuine precious and semi-precious gemstones to create a dazzling, opulent three dimensional effect. Once reserved exclusively for royalty, we now bring this royal art form to you. 

Historic designs have been updated, silhouettes have been resized for cell phones, and exuberant new colors have been introduced to bring a youthful, modern, captivating energy, while preserving the timeless grace and elegance of the traditional zardozi art form.

We provide handbags and clutches for all of life's celebrations!