Guide to Selecting The Best Slim Clutch

In certain circumstances, size and shape matter.  A lot. Like when you are selecting a bag to carry at an event. You want something easy to manage, yet spacious enough to hold your essentials. But, as a woman with exquisite taste, you don’t want to sacrifice form for function.

At Boutique By Mariam, we understand your wants and needs. And, we share your appreciation for high quality, spectacular accessories. For those events that call for a slightly understated and classic yet magnificent piece, consider our slim clutches.

This collection consists of bags that are ideal for your next formal event. They are all small and easy to carry,  yet eye-catching and functional. It’s hard to believe, but this one bag truly does offer it all.

  • Perfectly Sized: Each purse is approximately 10”x4”x2” (with slight variations). This sleek design makes it easy to hold in one hand….the true “test” of the perfect clutch.

  • Luxurious Appearance: Small but mighty. This saying aptly describes our slim clutch bags. While they are smaller in size, they are certainly mighty in terms of glamour and beauty. The exquisite workmanship that goes into each bag is obvious. The intricacies in design encompass the most luxurious materials including the finest silk, glittering metallic threads, and gorgeous gemstones. These make each a work of art that will be noticed and admired.

  • Incredibly Functional: Regardless of the occasion, all women travel with their necessities. And, when you are headed out for a special evening, there are several things you need. Our slim clutch bags easily hold your id, credit card, lipstick, phone, and keys. What more can you ask for? 

When you purchase one of our slim clutch bags you are making an investment, one that will last for years. Our artisans create timeless pieces that are both opulent and exquisite. They are now and will always be a chic, elegant, and eye-catching accessory. 

On behalf of everyone at our company, we welcome you to Boutiques by Mariam and we invite you to browse our collection of slim clutch evening bags. Shopping for a piece like this is special, you are purchasing something unique that you will enjoy for years and share with those you love. 

Take your time, appreciate the workmanship and enjoy the beauty of our slim clutches. We are here if you have any questions and look forward to seeing what you choose. Creating these bags is our honor and sharing them with you our greatest joy.