A Brief Guide About Heirloom Evening Bags

Heirloom Evening Bags.” The term alone evokes a picture of classic elegance and beauty. And, at Boutique by Mariam, our collection is, in a word, resplendent. We started out embroidering the robes of the British royalty in India, and that these designs most mimic the characteristics of a heavily embroidered royal piece with metallic threads and semi precious stones.  

Our inventory of 15 truly spectacular purses includes bags in a range of shapes and sizes and a variety of vibrant colors. Embellished with metallic threads and magnificent jewels, each piece is a work of art, created by hand with astounding attention to detail. 

These bags are more than an accessory.  In fact, in and of themselves, they ARE high-end fashion.  Usually, you select your accessories based on your outfit. Now,  you will choose your outfit based on your evening bag.

Beauty comes from within. At Boutique by Mariam, we believe this to be true. You see, In addition to their beauty, our heirloom evening bags are also expertly created. Exceptionally well-made, their construction is of the highest quality. Closures are secure, linings are striking and hardware is meant to last. 

On occasions when you carry an evening bag, you want one that is small, sleek, and chic. Something that is the perfect size for your necessities (a lipstick, your phone, and a credit card), not too big and not too small.  Our heirloom bags fit the bill. They are large enough to be noticed, yet small enough to be easily carried for an entire evening. In short, you will use his bag throughout your life and eventually pass it down to your children. Its shape, style, and craftsmanship are timeless.

Every woman should have one classic yet spectacularly eye-catching bag in her closet -- a go-to piece to use for years to come. This is the perfect description of our heirloom evening bags. 

Shopping for such a piece is an adventure and a privilege. We welcome you to browse our remarkable collection.  Choosing one is intensely personal and incredibly special, so take your time.  Contact us with your questions. We are happy to share more information about these amazing pieces.

And, in the end, enjoy your purchase. We know it will bring you years of happiness. Each time you remove it from its dust bag, you will remember the last event you attended. Look back on each fondly and embark upon new and exciting celebrations with your beautiful purse.